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Winter percussion performs at Franklin Central

The Winter Percussion donned their jackets and took the stage for their first highly anticipated performance of the season. The group performed at Franklin Central on Feb. 18, placing fifth out of five participants. Some members expected this to happen but were still satisfied with their performance. “This was our first competition, and everyone else had already competed once before,

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The Rivalry Continues

  The competition cheer team has been preparing for the mid-state competition from the beginning of the summer. “We are preparing by breaking down the routine piece-by-piece and practicing it until it is muscle memory to all of us,” senior Jacie Turley, base, said. The mid-state competition last year was quite an event between the GHS and Whiteland cheerleaders, resulting

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Bump, set, spike

Although the varsity volleyball team has hit a few rough patches this year, they have overcome each obstacle with energy and unity.             Unlike last year, this year’s volleyball team had participation problems.             “We lost some key players this year, and people have had to move to new positions and are switched around a lot, including myself,” sophomore Lawson

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