Boys tennis

So far, this season the boys tennis team has a record of 6-2, with high hopes for the remainder of their matches.             Coaches Jeremy Runge and Ben Sutton began preparing the team for their season as soon as the high school sports restrictions were lifted.              “As soon as they lifted the restrictions, the… Continue reading Boys tennis


Streaming services compete for students’ attention

Entertainment dominates high schoolers worldwide, and GHS is no exception. Streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music can be found on a majority of students’ phones, and these apps truly impact the lives of those who utilize them. “I listen to music typically just about every hour of the day, but I’d say I… Continue reading Streaming services compete for students’ attention


New fieldhouse project excites students

Downtown Greenwood is a place that has plenty of potential, and the preservation of the North Gym at the old Greenwood Middle School has allowed for a fieldhouse project that should allow for Greenwood residents to have a place for fun and getting fit. “There’s two parts. There is a new facility that is being… Continue reading New fieldhouse project excites students


Super Thankful Dudes create new student band

During PowerHour 1, members of the Super Thankful Dudes hang out in Room K111. They are not working on homework; instead, they are writing songs. The Super Thankful Dudes are a student band. Sophomore Chase Davidson is the bass guitarist. In middle school, he played in the jazz band which provided him with experience that… Continue reading Super Thankful Dudes create new student band


Mission trips offer noble cause

Though often the center of controversy and conflict, religion often has brought the best out in people through mission trips. Religious or not, the inherent idea of missionary work is noble. Traveling hundreds of miles to carry out acts of kindness while spreading the gospel is an admirable way to spend vacation time. Mission trips… Continue reading Mission trips offer noble cause