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Students pack schedule with out-of-school sports

Fishers Figure Skating Club The sports’ schedule is jammed packed between practices, camps, games, and meets. Imagine if more sports were added. From ice skating to parkour to dance, GHS students are involved in sports that our school does not offer. These students travel, pay, and dedicate many hours to their sport. “I was a part of Elite Skating and the

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Winter sports warm up

Friday Night Lights is coming to an end. No longer will students have to stand in the freezing rain to watch GHS athletes compete. Winter sports include basketball, swimming, and wrestling. “The girls basketball team is going to have a great year because we have been working on things like our transition defense, our aggressiveness, using more traps and just

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Freshmen play varsity

By the time 14-year-old athletes learn the ropes of middle school sports, their competition field quickly switches from equality to inferiority. Eighth grade sports superstars launch a new beginning when entering the world of high schools sports. Freshmen often have a difficult time proving themselves worthy of playing on the varsity level. This, however, did not stop particular Greenwood athletes

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