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Flex period story

Flex period is the result of increasing student failures. Is it going to help them? The flex period will hopefully keep power hour alive. It is a ten minute period before PowerHour designed to get students to go to their required PowerHours. “I think that the power hour change is good because it will hopefully keep power hour a thing

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This year’s Irish Guard

This year the Irish Guard takes on the character Charlie Chaplin; they get to show their goofy sides to the world. “You’re going to see individuals dress up as Charlie Chaplin,” Mrs. Pam Wishmeyer guard coach, said, “So you’re going to see them go in and out of character.” The Irish Guard is full of hardworking students from all grades.

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GHS welcomes new teachers

  New.  A single word that scared some people. However we are always experiencing it, from new words we learn to meeting new people. GHS has grown over for the past five years, and with the constant increase of students, there comes the constant need for teachers. Between the new students and the new teachers they all care about the

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