EPIC Rock climbing experience

The experience of Epic was exhilarating. Looking down from wall was a breath taking view. The overall experience was remarkable. The staff was warm and welcoming. Many think that messing up in front of other climbers would be embarrassing, but actually they help everyone figure out easier ways to do routes and encourage them to… Continue reading EPIC Rock climbing experience


Fast food vs retail which do part time workers prefer?

As teens enter the work force, they usually have two options: work in retail or work in fast food. Sophomore Michael Higareda recently worked at the sandwich shop, Firehouse Subs. “I worked there over the summer because I wanted to make my own money. Working in fast food at the time was my only option… Continue reading Fast food vs retail which do part time workers prefer?


New Apple products

Every year, the technology used around the world is becoming rapidly more advanced, although that does not seem possible. This year is no different as Apple released their new products. The company has debuted three new phones. They are the iPhone 11 for $699, the iPhone 11 Pro for $999, and the iPhone 11 Pro… Continue reading New Apple products


New fieldhouse project excites students

Downtown Greenwood is a place that has plenty of potential, and the preservation of the North Gym at the old Greenwood Middle School has allowed for a fieldhouse project that should allow for Greenwood residents to have a place for fun and getting fit. “There’s two parts. There is a new facility that is being… Continue reading New fieldhouse project excites students


Spanish foreign language trip to Europe

It can be intimidating, but there are ways to make a first time abroad easier.The Foreign Language Department organized a trip to Europe this Spring that included Spain, Rome and Italy for seven days. Miss Neiswanger, Spanish teacher, took 3 students to explore these countries. “ It was my first time getting to go out… Continue reading Spanish foreign language trip to Europe