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Student volunteer opportunities

With the holidays in full swing and hearts in the giving spirit, many students want to give back to the community by volunteering. Students who volunteer regularly leave feeling fulfilled. “This past summer I started working at a hospital in post-partum with the babies and mothers,” sophomore Lorelai Gilmore said. “From this experience, I’m a lot more thankful for what

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Students pack schedule with out-of-school sports

Fishers Figure Skating Club The sports’ schedule is jammed packed between practices, camps, games, and meets. Imagine if more sports were added. From ice skating to parkour to dance, GHS students are involved in sports that our school does not offer. These students travel, pay, and dedicate many hours to their sport. “I was a part of Elite Skating and the

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Silver Anniversary of Winterization

Winterization at GHS will be celebrating its silver anniversary tomorrow. Each year, for the past 25, students have volunteered to help with Winterization: a one-day event to winterize homes. “Winterization is a community service project that our school puts on to help build the bond between the school and the community,” junior Caroline Marot said. “We go out, and we

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Marching Woodmen win State runner-up

Heart beating, mind racing, palms sweating, the mesmerized marcher looks beyond shining plumes into a cheering crowd as he takes his first steps onto the Lucas Oil turf ready to perform at State Finals. Last Saturday, the Marching Woodmen earned State runner-up at ISSMA State Finals, finishing just behind Plainfield High School. “I am very excited about the performance we

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Freshmen play varsity

By the time 14-year-old athletes learn the ropes of middle school sports, their competition field quickly switches from equality to inferiority. Eighth grade sports superstars launch a new beginning when entering the world of high schools sports. Freshmen often have a difficult time proving themselves worthy of playing on the varsity level. This, however, did not stop particular Greenwood athletes

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Lights, Camera, Talent

The audience waits in anticipation as Melody Simms stands nervously behind the curtains. As the first act of the night, she walks across the empty stage to the microphone and astonishes the crowd. Cabaret Night, hosted by the choir council took place on Sept. 6 and showcased 23 talented students and teachers. The winners of the night were seniors Samantha

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