Staffer experiences Japanese cuisine

“Kon’nichiwa,” or hello in English, was an unexpected welcome to Hana’s Japanese Fusion restaurant. Hana’s specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine. I went into Hana’s without any expectations. I have only had sushi once before in my life and it was from a convenience store. The restaurant only holds around 50 patrons with every seat being… Continue reading Staffer experiences Japanese cuisine


GHS FACS Teacher Receives Grant

Recent grants of $500 from the McDonalds’s Owner’s Association has allowed teachers to expand their impact with the school. FACS teacher Mr. Fisher and Industrial Technology teacher Mr. Figy partnered up with the grant to create a farming experience that will be unknown to most students. “The grant was through the McDonald’s Owner’s Association. It… Continue reading GHS FACS Teacher Receives Grant


Thanksgiving = Food Coma

With every year passing more and more memories are made during the holidays. Thanksgiving is no exception as families come together to show thanks for each other and spend time together. Food is shared and bonds are created. Students share their favorite Thanksgiving recipe. “Probably pumpkin pie because we make everything from scratch. It’s usually… Continue reading Thanksgiving = Food Coma


Staffer experiences new viewpoint of pizza

There is a long list of items that do not belong on pizza; however, Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist completely voids this list. With a large Indian influence, pizza lovers can get a variety of toppings on their pizza from the originals like pepperoni or sausage or to the crazy and the unknown, such as… Continue reading Staffer experiences new viewpoint of pizza


Burgerhaus earns rave review

When a restaurant claims to have the best burger in the state of Indiana, they better be ready to back it up. I recently went to the Indiana burger chain, Burgerhaus, with four locations across the state, they claim to take the classic American burger and give it an international twist. When I took my… Continue reading Burgerhaus earns rave review


O’Reillys provides perfect experience

When anyone imagines an Irish experience, they have to picture red hair, leprechauns and beer. On the south side of Indianapolis, there are many quality and unique places to eat, and one of those places is O’Reilly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant. Going in, I was truly looking to experience authentic Irish food. I decided to… Continue reading O’Reillys provides perfect experience