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Thrifting challenge teaches students new values

90’s clothes do not find themselves. Recently, Timberlines created a challenge for GHS students. Three students were to find the best outfit possible without spending more than $10. The thrift store of choice was Goodwill. “Trying to find a cute outfit while staying in the budget was actually so fun,” junior Ava Hoffman said. “I really liked a shirt, but

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GHS’ Unsung Heros

They wipe blood and sweat off of football players’ faces. They wash dirty uniforms and wrestling mats. They fill countless needs of athletes and coaches. Athletic managers deserve to earn letters. Managers, on average, spend 15 hours a week conquering tasks that the coaches and players do not want to do. This could include washing laundry, fixing equipment, bringing food

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Winter sports warm up

Friday Night Lights is coming to an end. No longer will students have to stand in the freezing rain to watch GHS athletes compete. Winter sports include basketball, swimming, and wrestling. “The girls basketball team is going to have a great year because we have been working on things like our transition defense, our aggressiveness, using more traps and just

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