Winterization is the words ‘community,’ ‘generosity’ and ‘selflessness’ set to action. The 27th Winterization took place last Saturday. Mrs. Laura Stadtfeld, Service Learning teacher, is in charge of the Winterization program. “Almost 200 volunteers are participating this year,” Mrs. Stadtfeld said. “This year we are going to winterize about 30 homes.” Winterization volunteers had a… Continue reading Winterization


Serving is not what I do; it is who I am

The smell of fresh cut grass, dandelions’ milky white sap penetrating my nostrils, my sinuses enhanced, the muffled sound of K-9s barking in their shelter homes. This is what welcomed me as I pulled into the Johnson County Animal Shelter parking lot. The days leading up to Serve Day was thrilling for me. When I… Continue reading Serving is not what I do; it is who I am


New fieldhouse project excites students

Downtown Greenwood is a place that has plenty of potential, and the preservation of the North Gym at the old Greenwood Middle School has allowed for a fieldhouse project that should allow for Greenwood residents to have a place for fun and getting fit. “There’s two parts. There is a new facility that is being… Continue reading New fieldhouse project excites students


Greenwood Community Center prepares for Valentines dance

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes on Feb. 8 as the annual Greenwood Community Center Valentine’s dance returns. Mr. Nick Schwab, events coordinator, expects everyone to have a great time. “We expect our guests to have a really great time. We want them to have fun and really enjoy the night,” he said.… Continue reading Greenwood Community Center prepares for Valentines dance