Greenwood Marching Woodmen prepare for community performance

The Greenwood Marching Woodmen have been achieving excellence for nearly 45 years. Since the 1970s, every member has had the opportunity to experience what previous bands had experienced by upholding traditions that have allowed the band to win 15 State Championships and 41 ISSMA State Qualifying performances. While that is all fine and dandy, this… Continue reading Greenwood Marching Woodmen prepare for community performance


Choir, band compete at ISSMA

At the beginning of the month, the band and choir competed in their Solo and Ensemble competitions. Each group prepared in their own way for their competition. “In class, we worked on our ensembles every day for a week or two, and we performed them for the class as practice for what it would be… Continue reading Choir, band compete at ISSMA


Super Thankful Dudes create new student band

During PowerHour 1, members of the Super Thankful Dudes hang out in Room K111. They are not working on homework; instead, they are writing songs. The Super Thankful Dudes are a student band. Sophomore Chase Davidson is the bass guitarist. In middle school, he played in the jazz band which provided him with experience that… Continue reading Super Thankful Dudes create new student band


Winter Percussion displays passion

The crashing of cymbals, melody of the marimba and loud clang of drums mix with costumes, props and intense choreography to produce our school’s Winter Percussion. Outside of marching season, there are many band-related activities, like Winter Percussion, Winter Guard, jazz band, pep band and concert band, that band members participate in; Winter Percussion’s season… Continue reading Winter Percussion displays passion