Freshman basketball tournament

This past Saturday, the boys freshmen basketball team competed in a four-team tournament with Lafayette Harrison, Franklin Central and Martinsville. “It was good to have the opportunity to compete against teams like Harrison that we don’t usually see and have a different style of play,” freshman Nathan Kremer said. Harrison handed the boys a tough… Continue reading Freshman basketball tournament


Seniors trade absences for no finals

Most of the seniors are excited about the opportunity giving them motivation to better their grades and attendance. Although this is an awesome opportunity for seniors, there is criteria they must follow: The student cannot receive more than two non-attendance referrals. The students has no more than four absences. The student has not accumulated more… Continue reading Seniors trade absences for no finals


Rookie drivers should start out with cheap cars

There is a big difference when someone wrecks a brand new $30,000 2018 Jeep Wrangler vs when someone wrecks a $400 1997 Ford Taurus. It seems to me that every other week I hear a reoccurring story, a rookie driver whose parents got him a really nice, new, sporty car as his first car and… Continue reading Rookie drivers should start out with cheap cars


Spring musical begins preparations

“Anything Goes” is in the works for this spring after the dram programs was denied the rights to the musical, “Oklahoma.” Junior Parker Irwin described the challenges he and his team have had to take on to make sure the musical is ready to go. ‘Oklahoma’ was they play the wanted. “It is a little… Continue reading Spring musical begins preparations