Online Dating Offers Modern Social Opportunities

Seated deep within the American spirit is the natural desire to tame the unknown. The nation has explored high and low on this wave of fervor and on it continues to push to a brighter future. However, man has fully yet to brave the wilds of one last frontier: the murky depths of online dating.… Continue reading Online Dating Offers Modern Social Opportunities


EPIC Rock climbing experience

The experience of Epic was exhilarating. Looking down from wall was a breath taking view. The overall experience was remarkable. The staff was warm and welcoming. Many think that messing up in front of other climbers would be embarrassing, but actually they help everyone figure out easier ways to do routes and encourage them to… Continue reading EPIC Rock climbing experience


Staffer starts lactose free diet

When my doctor told me that I would have to start a lactose intolerant diet in late January I was not pleased. I really like pizza as well as cheeseburgers and coffee with creamer, so many of my favorite foods unfortunately would have to go out the window. I started off this whole routine by… Continue reading Staffer starts lactose free diet


School lunch regulations do not identify the problems

There are few redeeming qualities I can find when I look at our 45th president, however, I give credit where credit is due, and I support his rolling back of the Obama-era school lunch regulations. For those who are still in school like me, we do not need to read any graphs or charts to… Continue reading School lunch regulations do not identify the problems