Our Staff

Anna Lowe

Anna loves being editor-in-chief of Timberlines. She has attended multiple National Journalism Conventions in Indianapolis, Dallas, and Anaheim. At the Dallas convention she received an honorable mention, and in Anaheim she received an honorable mention in commentary writing. Anna won the 2018 First Amendment Symposium essay contest and in 2019 she received second place in the First Amendment Symposium design contest. When she is not in the journalism room, you can find Anna reading, writing or watching Netflix. She is obsessed with her bookshelf and the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Faith Peebles

Junior Faith Peebles is the Impact Magazine Editor-in-Chief. This is her 6th year cheering for Greenwood, and she also throws shotput during track season. Faith is Junior Class President, secretary of the Mayor’s Youth Council, and a member of both Service Club and French club. This is her second year on the Timberlines staff, and she edits the page two news. She loves doing makeup and puzzles and has a fun obsession with John Mulaney and Yung Gravy.

Grace Nuhfer

This Grace Nuhfer’s second year as a photographer on staff. Sometimes she also designs for Impact. Nuhfer has been a swimmer for the past 10 years and she used to also be a dancer. She has a huge passion for photography and has been very fortunate to be a part of a staff that encourages her progress as a photographer.

Elijah Poe

This is Elijah’s first year on the Newspaper staff. He works with Jacob Rollett to create the sports page in the paper. His favorite food is sushi and he enjoys watching Notre Dame sports.

Jacob Rollett

Jacob is a sophomore at Greenwood High School. He has been on the Newspaper staff since the second semester of his freshmen year. He plays football and is a running back. Jacob is in student council, FCA or Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Young Men of Purpose. He likes to watch Netflix in his free time, spend time with his friends, and work out.

Madison Peckinpaugh

This is Madison’s first year on the Newspaper staff and is one of the sports editors. She loves being on staff and hopes to pursue some aspects of journalism after high school. Madison has been a competitive swimmer since the fourth grade. Outside of school she likes to spend time with her family and friends.

Ruby Olston

Ruby is a scholar-athlete at GHS.  She runs, cheers, and used to play basketball. She makes sure to always get her homework done so that her grades will stay high in all of her classes.  Ruby has been in the honors-class program her whole life and hopes to continue through the rest of high school. She is not in any clubs at the high school because she spends most of her time either doing/playing sports, doing homework, or studying for tests. Ruby has been in journalism for 3 semesters, but have only been on the Newspaper staff for a semester.  She wishes to stay on this staff throughout high school.

Avraham Forrest

This is Avraham’s 3rd year on staff and his 1st year as Opinion Editor. He avidly keeps up with politics and is always looking for ways to bring international news into Timberlines. Outside of the newsroom, Avraham loves boxing, running, collecting foreign newspapers and vinyl records.

Grace Jackson

Grace is the entertainment editor on Timberlines and an editor for Impact magazine as well. Throughout the years at Greenwood, she has enjoyed being a part of various sports, but recently have been focusing more on academics. Grace enjoys being on staff and working with the children at the daycare she works at. Outside of school and work, Grace loves spending time with my family and friends.

Sam Rapp

Sam came onto the Newspaper staff the second semester of his freshman year. He is in his third year on staff. Sam also plays football. He enjoys being on the Newspaper staff and hopes to continue being on it for the rest of high school.

Kamryn Mayo

This is Kamryn’s first year on the Newspaper staff as a reporter. She is a year long, multi-sport athlete which keeps her very busy. Kamryn enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, and running track. In her free time, she often hangs with friends and is usually conditioning or at workouts for upcoming seasons. 

Brayton Laster

Brayton Laster is also known as, “The Pizza Man.” He participates minimally in Go-Kart club, only showing up about once a month, outside of school. From April through October, he races racecars throughout the Midwest. Brayton primarily drives a 750 horsepower super dirt late model at Brownstown Speedway in Brownstown, Indiana, but when he is not racing that he is commonly racing FWDs or Figure 8 Late Models at the Indianapolis Speedrome. In the racing world Brayton is known as, Brayton “Master of Disaster” Laster, because he is known for having terrible wrecks. This is his second year being a part of the Newspaper staff. Brayton enjoys being able to spread people’s stories and experiences throughout the school and community.

Gavin Folco

Gavin has been on the Newspaper staff for one year, is excited to continue his high school career on the staff. Gavin take part in many things at school. He plays on the football team and is also a student athletic trainer for the boys’ basketball team. Gavin enjoys listening to music and playing video games in his free time.

Abigail Stuber

This is Abby’s first year as a reporter on staff. She has always had a passion for writing, and being on staff has allowed her to grow as a writer. Outside of school, Abby enjoys painting, fashion, and spending time with her friends.

Charli Graves

Charli is a sophomore and this is her first year on the Newspaper staff. Newspaper is her favorite class. Charli has been swimming for about 9 years and been running track and cross country since sixth grade.

Ashley Kremer

This is Ashley’s first year as a reporter on the Newspaper staff. Last year she was on the Broadcast staff. She is a part of the cheer team, dance team, student council, and National Honor Society. Outside of school Ashley sdances at The Dance Refinery. She enjoy hanging out with friends and playing with my dogs.

Eric Reingardt

Eric enjoys writing and is interested in current events and politics. He collects vinyl records and plays recreational basketball. Although Eric is not that great at layups, he is great at 3 point shots. He is president of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council and one of the founding members of the GHS Vinyl Appreciation Society. Eric has been on the Newspaper staff for 2 years.

Justin Waddell

Justin is a sophomore at Greenwood High School and has been on the Newspaper staff since the beginning of this year. He babysits often after school and hangs out with his friends.

Jayson Vaughn

Jayson is a start on the varsity football team. He has played football for three years now and loves it more and more every year. Jayson has good grades and excels in a lot of extracurricular activities. He is a reporter on the Newspaper staff.

Braelynn Dotson

Braelynn has been a photographer on the Newspaper staff for one year. Outside of school she enjoys reading and taking photographs.

Evan Jacobs

Evan Jacobs is a photographer on the Newspaper staff. He loves to play the drums in his free time and has been playing for almost nine years. He is involved in FCA and has been on the Timberlines staff for a year. Evan highly recommends newspaper if someone is looking for a good group of people.

Ian Flowers

This is Ian’s first year on the Newspaper staff and he enjoys the different opportunities it brings. He play many sports including football and baseball. He normally wrestles but is taking a year off this year. Ian loves the Indianapolis Colts and anything involving the NFL. He partakes in numerous fantasy leagues and has a lot of fun doing so. Ian is a fun, easygoing guy and loves to chill out and talk to my friends.

Jake Rose