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Freshman on Varsity Baseball

Hard work and determination is key to be successful in sports. Late nights, early mornings, and countless hours spent training all to play the game that they love. An athlete’s high school sport is what they have trained for, and gives them an opportunity to achieve their goals that they have worked so hard for. In order for athletes to

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Spring Season Previews

  Preparation. Intense training. Pushing athletes bodies to the absolute maximum so they will be ready for the battles they are about to face, the battles that are so familiar to them and what they thrive for in their off season. This is spring training. Attitude is key in performing. “I tend to push my athletes with good attitudes harder,”

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Boys basketball team takes it to Sectionals

“One suicide under 30 seconds.” “Two people did not touch the third line, do it again.” “Again.” “Again.” The boys basketball team has been powering through tough conditioning since November all for this moment: Sectionals. Seasons do not always work out, but the Woodmen have learned from their mistakes and are ready to face Sectionals. “I think the season has

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Indoor Track

Are your marks, get set, bang the runners are off fighting for a shot to compete in the state indoor meet. Indoor is one of many fascinating season that offer a different environment for runners to show their abilities in running. “I’m really excited for this upcoming indoor season. I’ve been preparing all summer just for this season,” senior, Hanna

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