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Editorial: Lanyards for identification, not protection

If the school wants safety, they are going to have to invest. Students around the school have heard rumors that we soon will be required to wear our school-issued identification cards on lanyards each day to increase school safety. Concerns about the practicality of this have risen. One idea to understand about these lanyards is that they are not expected

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Does Kahoot help students prepare?

As test days come around, many classrooms use Kahoot. Kahoot is a website that presents a multiple choice question and puts it on a time limit so students can prepare on their phones with content from the test. Recently, there has been a debate between students as to whether or not this website helps them prepare at all. During finals

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Editorial: students face seasonal depression

Students walk the halls with bigger bags under their eyes than on their backs. The stressful winter months are taking their toll. The time of year between Christmas and Spring Break is the toughest for students and probably teachers to push through. Shorter daylight, mountains of school work, lack of extended breaks and fewer social interaction brings about a period

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