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Marvel is superior to DC

The age old question: Marvel, or DC? Though both have some positive attributes, Marvel is the clear winner. Through amazing plot lines and spectacular characters, Marvel never ceases to amaze me. I hate every DC movie besides Wonder Woman, the only exception to my hatred. I find the characters lacking in morale and extremely whiny. In Batman v Superman I

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Armed Teachers

Students are huddled together in a dark classroom, crying silently as a figure with a rifle breaks into the room. The door swings open violently, and the nose of a gun pokes out from behind the wood. The shooter is in. But a shot rings out, and it is not from the door. The teacher has pulled the trigger, and

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How to: stay motivated for Semester 2

The term “senioritis” is extremely well-known in the world of students. Senioritis is the supposed affliction of students in their final years of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation; however, an epidemic that often affects the whole school is “second semester-itis.” Many people enjoy the cold during the holidays and wish for a white Christmas; however,

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