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Amazon to bring jobs to Greenwood

A new Amazon facility in Greenwood could bring jobs and boost the economy. The plan to put an Amazon facility in Greenwood is running through the City Council. The proposed facility will package and distribute goods to other distribution centers. “It’ll be a distribution center which means they’ll bring product in on one side and send it out in smaller

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Nook moves to bookstore

When students walk into school in the morning, the smell of coffee and hot chocolate now fills their noses. The Nook coffee shop, previously in the IMC, is now located where the bookstore used to be. Students are now able to get their coffee right when they get off the bus. “It’s been great because there are many more students

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Yearbook undergoes content, size and leadership changes

The yearbook is undergoing changes with its content, size and leadership. This year, video footage will be incorporated into the yearbook. “This is definitely a big change; they tried incorporating videos a couple of years ago, and it worked, but the technology wasn’t as good as it is now,” junior Mallory Watson, video editor, said. “We have a new app

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