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Playing Drums at Church

Boom, crash, bang, the drums go on a warm Sunday afternoon. At Greenwood Christian Church, I signed up to play drums for the youth service recently. The church in general is a good size church, but the youth service brings in 30-50 people depending on the weekend. My first week playing was pretty stressful. I had always played drums for

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This year’s Irish Guard

This year the Irish Guard takes on the character Charlie Chaplin; they get to show their goofy sides to the world. “You’re going to see individuals dress up as Charlie Chaplin,” Mrs. Pam Wishmeyer guard coach, said, “So you’re going to see them go in and out of character.” The Irish Guard is full of hardworking students from all grades.

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Lead Sports Summit inspires the next generation

This past Labor Day weekend, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the second annual Lead Sports Summit. This event is a four-day swimming conference created by three-time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce. During the summit, there are many keynote speakers and informational talks. Professionals in different subjects–such as leadership, sports psychology and nutrition–talked and educated 127 teenage female athletes on

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Teachers working extra jobs

$51,870 is the average annual salary for high school teachers in Indiana. That’s almost $10,000 below the national average. Many teachers are forced to work coaching jobs and extra jobs during breaks to financially support their families. Due to extra coaching jobs or second jobs, some teachers are not able to spend enough time with their families. “I’m practically non-existent

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Teachers tie the knot

This past summer, two teachers put a ring on it. Mr. Christian Cruze math teacher proposed to his long-time girlfriend, athletic trainer Mrs. Liz Cruze, by throwing her off guard in the middle of a boys’ basketball game at center court. “I proposed during halftime during the boys’ varsity basketball game,” Mr. Cruze said. “She didn’t even know I was

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