Drumstick Dash Readies for Annual Race

Fall is in the air. Bands play merrily as families of runners stretch, each generation clad in sweatshirts, tennis shoes, and the occasional turkey costume. Thanks to Wheeler Mission, the annual “Drumstick Dash” race is kicking off once again in November. Each year, the Wheeler Mission group organizes a race for their charity foundation, coordinating… Continue reading Drumstick Dash Readies for Annual Race


Unique Thanksgiving Traditions

Travelling across states can be a big part of Thanksgiving traditions. “For my Thanksgiving, I go to Iowa with my family because my dad’s family lives there and they throw a gigantic party. We usually have a lot of our cousins, aunts and uncles. Our grandparents come and we have blast. It is a good… Continue reading Unique Thanksgiving Traditions


Thanksgiving = Food Coma

With every year passing more and more memories are made during the holidays. Thanksgiving is no exception as families come together to show thanks for each other and spend time together. Food is shared and bonds are created. Students share their favorite Thanksgiving recipe. “Probably pumpkin pie because we make everything from scratch. It’s usually… Continue reading Thanksgiving = Food Coma


Christmas annoys customers

Every year, the holiday season arrives—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but never in chronological order. By the time October and November roll around, shoppers know to expect stores everywhere pushing Christmas items. This is a polarizing decision, as some believe this is too early to be thinking about decking the halls. “The first time I see… Continue reading Christmas annoys customers

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Energy Spot Questionable

It is a scam. Before I went to The Energy Spot, I did some research. I was suspicious about the nutritional value of the shakes because I do not think a shake named Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake could possibly healthy. When I pulled up the website, I noticed in small print on the front page it… Continue reading Energy Spot Questionable