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Gamers strategize every Tuesday

It’s an average Tuesday afternoon, where all kinds of people flood into Mr. Cruze’s room. You can hear all sorts of different games being played as well as the phrases with them, such as, “you activated my trap card” or “Uno”. Chess and Gaming Club meets every Tuesday after school. Anyone wanting to join Chess and Gaming Club is welcome

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SMAK club offers outlet

It is more than just smacking in SMAK club; this organization is actually a mixed martial arts team. “SMAK Club stands for self-defense martial arts and kickboxing,” junior Brandon Black. “We do a lot of different things. Somedays, we focus on the martial arts portion, and somedays we focus on the kickboxing portion.” SMAK Club is a combination of several

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unique methods students make money

By Rheannah Hoover Being a student generally means being poor since not many high school students have working experience. To get this experience, instead of targeting more traditional part-time jobs. They create their own miniature business. “I buy and sell luxury clothes. So brands such as Supreme, Off-white, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc,” senior Cole Mahan said. “I have sold a

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Playing Drums at Church

Boom, crash, bang, the drums go on a warm Sunday afternoon. At Greenwood Christian Church, I signed up to play drums for the youth service recently. The church in general is a good size church, but the youth service brings in 30-50 people depending on the weekend. My first week playing was pretty stressful. I had always played drums for

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This year’s Irish Guard

This year the Irish Guard takes on the character Charlie Chaplin; they get to show their goofy sides to the world. “You’re going to see individuals dress up as Charlie Chaplin,” Mrs. Pam Wishmeyer guard coach, said, “So you’re going to see them go in and out of character.” The Irish Guard is full of hardworking students from all grades.

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