Harriet Movie Review

Harriet saves African American people from slavery, as a symbol of freedom and hope. In this movie full of hatred and abuse towards others, Harriet tries to save escaped slaves from their owners and get them to safety. The movie starts out fast as Harriet is abused by her owner. She dreams of freedom. and… Continue reading Harriet Movie Review


Fortnite Chapter 2 from the Perspective of an Epic Gamer

Since I started playing mid-season 4, Fortnite has been by far my biggest guilty pleasure. I enjoy the consistently changing map, unique and enjoyable game modes, and wide range of weapons. Abruptly in Chapter 1, there was a black hole that consumed everything in the game, and didn’t even let players log into their accounts.… Continue reading Fortnite Chapter 2 from the Perspective of an Epic Gamer

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Energy Spot Questionable

It is a scam. Before I went to The Energy Spot, I did some research. I was suspicious about the nutritional value of the shakes because I do not think a shake named Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake could possibly healthy. When I pulled up the website, I noticed in small print on the front page it… Continue reading Energy Spot Questionable


New Apple products

Every year, the technology used around the world is becoming rapidly more advanced, although that does not seem possible. This year is no different as Apple released their new products. The company has debuted three new phones. They are the iPhone 11 for $699, the iPhone 11 Pro for $999, and the iPhone 11 Pro… Continue reading New Apple products


Rose and Remington opens their first store in Greenwood

A new store has opened up in the Greenwood Park Mall. Rose and Remington has opened up their first store outside of Ohio. Sophomore Macy Olivia has bought things off their website but has never had the chance to visit a Rose and Remington store in person. “Rose and Remington is another clothing store with… Continue reading Rose and Remington opens their first store in Greenwood