Staffer starts lactose free diet

When my doctor told me that I would have to start a lactose intolerant diet in late January I was not pleased. I really like pizza as well as cheeseburgers and coffee with creamer, so many of my favorite foods unfortunately would have to go out the window. I started off this whole routine by… Continue reading Staffer starts lactose free diet


Staffer experiences Japanese cuisine

“Kon’nichiwa,” or hello in English, was an unexpected welcome to Hana’s Japanese Fusion restaurant. Hana’s specializes in authentic Japanese cuisine. I went into Hana’s without any expectations. I have only had sushi once before in my life and it was from a convenience store. The restaurant only holds around 50 patrons with every seat being… Continue reading Staffer experiences Japanese cuisine


Rookie drivers should start out with cheap cars

There is a big difference when someone wrecks a brand new $30,000 2018 Jeep Wrangler vs when someone wrecks a $400 1997 Ford Taurus. It seems to me that every other week I hear a reoccurring story, a rookie driver whose parents got him a really nice, new, sporty car as his first car and… Continue reading Rookie drivers should start out with cheap cars


Robotics team revs up for new league

Four months to build, three months to prove what they’re worth, two teams, one goal, to make it the First Tech Challenge World Tournament in Detroit. Through serious roster changes and joining a new league, Greenwood Robotics hopes to do just that. Teams get together in late August to decide who is going to make… Continue reading Robotics team revs up for new league


Indianapolis Motor Speedway sold to prestigious team owner

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indycar are defining parts of Indiana and the state’s history. The Hulman family, who has owned the track since 1945 and the IndyCar series, have sold the famous landmark and the IndyCar series to Roger Penske. I think that this is quite possibly the best thing to happen to the… Continue reading Indianapolis Motor Speedway sold to prestigious team owner


Author visit provides unique experience

Frame, deception, and mystery all describe the up and coming book, Now Entering Addamsville, by Francesca Zappia who recently visited GHS. Now Entering Addamsville takes place in the fictional town of Addamsville, Indiana, where the local high school janitor’s house is burned down and the main character is framed. “I’ve been told it’s like Stranger… Continue reading Author visit provides unique experience


Staffer experiences new viewpoint of pizza

There is a long list of items that do not belong on pizza; however, Chicago’s Pizza With a Twist completely voids this list. With a large Indian influence, pizza lovers can get a variety of toppings on their pizza from the originals like pepperoni or sausage or to the crazy and the unknown, such as… Continue reading Staffer experiences new viewpoint of pizza


Burgerhaus earns rave review

When a restaurant claims to have the best burger in the state of Indiana, they better be ready to back it up. I recently went to the Indiana burger chain, Burgerhaus, with four locations across the state, they claim to take the classic American burger and give it an international twist. When I took my… Continue reading Burgerhaus earns rave review