Journalism headed to California to celebrate a year of success

A group of nine journalism students will be heading to Anaheim California next week to celebrate the successes of this year and plan for next year at the national convention. Attending national conventions is a way for student journalists to grow. Ms. Denise Roberts, journalism teacher, works hard to provide her students with these opportunities.… Continue reading Journalism headed to California to celebrate a year of success


Letterman jacket tradition carries on

The letterman jacket is a strong tradtion for generations of Woodmen. Letterman jackets have always held a deep meaning to high school athletes. “A letter jacketrepresents hard work, commitment and memories with your teamates and school spirit,” Mr. Adam Nuhfer class of  1991 said. High school memories are treasured by most student athletes. Mr. Dom… Continue reading Letterman jacket tradition carries on


Vapers headed to court, pay fines

The administration knows what some students are hiding in their pockets. Mrs. Karen Busch, assistant principal, sent out an email asking teachers to limit bathroom passes because of suspicious activity happening in the restrooms. "We have noticed that there are a certain number of kids that seem to go to the bathroom every day every… Continue reading Vapers headed to court, pay fines