Election Story

After an election full of controversy the 2020 Presidential Election is finally over. On Saturday, November 7th, former Vice President Joe Biden became the United States’ 46th president.  Freshman Amber Hayden explained how she feels about the outcome of the election and what she hopes for the future of the election.  “I am pleased with… Continue reading Election Story


Woodmen basketball prepares for season opener

Last season the Woodmen basketball team had a fantastic run in the State playoffs to win a Sectional title, and if it were not for the COVID-19 virus outbreak, who knows how far the Woodmen would have gone in the playoffs.  With the new season right around the corner, higher expectations are in place for… Continue reading Woodmen basketball prepares for season opener


Rising Phoenix Review

A Netflix documentary full of world class athletes with physical and mental disabilities is touching and motivating at the same time.  The 2016Paralympicswere held in Rio de Janeiro and is beginning to become a more talked about sporting event. Netflix just recently released the documentary Rising Phoenix to share some of the athletes’ stories and… Continue reading Rising Phoenix Review