Christmas annoys customers

Every year, the holiday season arrives—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but never in chronological order. By the time October and November roll around, shoppers know to expect stores everywhere pushing Christmas items. This is a polarizing decision, as some believe this is too early to be thinking about decking the halls. “The first time I see… Continue reading Christmas annoys customers


Streaming services compete for students’ attention

Entertainment dominates high schoolers worldwide, and GHS is no exception. Streaming services like Spotify, Netflix, and Apple Music can be found on a majority of students’ phones, and these apps truly impact the lives of those who utilize them. “I listen to music typically just about every hour of the day, but I’d say I… Continue reading Streaming services compete for students’ attention


Student athletes invest in their future

For many girls on the volleyball team, joining a club team is their key to success in the sport after high school. “School volleyball is more of going and winning, trying to get the highest in the county or to sectionals, and club is more towards trying to get recruited to play in college and… Continue reading Student athletes invest in their future


The Farewell leads to tears

The Farewell is a movie about an Asian family, directed by an Asian woman and starring a female Asian lead. If that seemed like too many Asians, trust me, it’s not. The movie centers around Billi, a young woman living in New York. She and her parents immigrated to America when she was six years… Continue reading The Farewell leads to tears