Connor Meets the Miami Dolphins

They say to never meet your heroes, but in senior Connor Yeager’s case, that rule does not apply. The Miami Dolphins played the Colts at Lucas Oil on Nov. 10, which opened the doors to a unique opportunity for the diehard Miami fan. “We realized they were going to play in Indy, so it all… Continue reading Connor Meets the Miami Dolphins



Winterization is the words ‘community,’ ‘generosity’ and ‘selflessness’ set to action. The 27th Winterization took place last Saturday. Mrs. Laura Stadtfeld, Service Learning teacher, is in charge of the Winterization program. “Almost 200 volunteers are participating this year,” Mrs. Stadtfeld said. “This year we are going to winterize about 30 homes.” Winterization volunteers had a… Continue reading Winterization


Snack Shack opens for business

GHS staff constantly work to give every student, special needs or not, the opportunity to learn how to live and work in the modern world. Ms. Sheri Luedeman, Essential Skills teacher is the brains behind the Snack Shack program. “The Snack Shack is a project I’m doing with my Essential Skills kids to teach them… Continue reading Snack Shack opens for business


Mission trips offer noble cause

Though often the center of controversy and conflict, religion often has brought the best out in people through mission trips. Religious or not, the inherent idea of missionary work is noble. Traveling hundreds of miles to carry out acts of kindness while spreading the gospel is an admirable way to spend vacation time. Mission trips… Continue reading Mission trips offer noble cause


Social media and the presidency

With the 2020 election coming up, there has been a lot of talk about the next generation and their role in shaping the U.S. In fact, the generation that was raised and molded by the internet, will be voting this election. Naturally, this has caused a collision between the old, long-standing traditions of the Presidency,… Continue reading Social media and the presidency