Sanders Family Kitchen fails to impress

I am a fan of independent, family-owned restaurants that make me feel comfortable and at home. I am not a fan of Sanders’ Family Kitchen, a new Greenwood restaurant. I went in with high expectations of the diner. I expected a quiet, home-y restaurant with a similar feel to Bob Evans. I thought this kitchen… Continue reading Sanders Family Kitchen fails to impress


Make finals great again

The finals schedule is not working. In previous years, a finals day consisted of an extended morning study session, final 1, 20-minute classes for upcoming finals, and then final two to finish the school day. Recently, the administration has chosen to use our late arrival days for ISTEP instead of finals. This is understandable due… Continue reading Make finals great again


Uncle Bill’s gets an upgrade

It already smells like an Uncle Bill's. Uncle Bill's recently moved to a new building. It kept the same feel: noisy birds, nice associates and fun dogs.  I recently visited the updated site and was not disappointed. The building itself is much more spacious than its former home. It seems as though they are not… Continue reading Uncle Bill’s gets an upgrade


Editorial: Lanyards for identification, not protection

If the school wants safety, they are going to have to invest. Students around the school have heard rumors that we soon will be required to wear our school-issued identification cards on lanyards each day to increase school safety. Concerns about the practicality of this have risen. One idea to understand about these lanyards is… Continue reading Editorial: Lanyards for identification, not protection


Graduation requirements change

The state of Indiana is taking steps to restructure the paths students will take to graduation; this means change at GHS. “The state is changing the goals that students will need to hit to graduate,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, counselor, said. “This change is going to take effect next year for the current eighth graders, but… Continue reading Graduation requirements change