Why you should join the boy’s golf team

The boys golf team is starting their new season and is welcoming new members.

This is sophomore Jackson Watkins’ second year on the team.

“I have been playing golf since middle school. One of my friends introduced me to it, and I thought I would try it. I figured out that I am good at it and love the sport. My favorite part about golf is everything. I love focusing and trying to figure out the best strategy to get the best score. I also love being outside because usually the weather is nice. The pros of playing golf is that it is super fun and you get to hang out with cool people,” Watkins said.

Watkins recommends golf.

“I recommend everyone to play golf. It can definitely be difficult, but it is super fun to learn. If you get the hang out it and get into a groove, it is fun. If you are a beginner, I recommend you practice every day and go to golf courses to practice your swing. Then, you need to practice consistency and accuracy,” he said.

Watkins talks about joining golf

“If you are interested in joining the team you can go to Irwin’s office to talk to him about joining,” Watkins said.

This is senior Jacob Raegan’s last year on the golf course.

“I have been playing golf for as long as I remember. I am very sad that this year will be my last year. I developed a great relationship with all of the guys on the team and love all of them. That is one of the best reasons to play golf. Everyone on the team is super great and amazing to hang out with. I love being with the guys and love playing with them. The only tips for golf is to practice all the time and try and improve every day. If you skip a day you might lose out and ruin your stroke,” Raegan said.


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