Unified Track

Gavin Folco

As track season gets under way, GHS has joined the IHSAA Unified track and field organization. Now special education students will be able to be part of their own track team and compete against other schools’ special education students.

Ms. Sheri Leudeman, a special education teacher, explained what the Unified track team is.

“We take our kids with mental disabilities and compete with other schools who have students with disabilities as well. We compete during regular school track meets, but we only compete with other Unified students,” she said.

Mrs. Leudeman explained why GHS joined the Unified organization.

“This will be the first year here. I asked Mr. Garrison if I could start one here. I had seen it at many other schools, and I think it’s a great program,” Mrs. Leudeman said.

Mrs. Leudeman explains what they have been doing to setting up the school’s team.

“We’ve been ordering equipment. We did a donation, and our equipment has just been starting to come in. And right now we are focused on getting kids signed up, and we will be competing at the first home Greenwood track meet,” Mrs. Leudeman said.

On Feb. 13, there was a call out meeting for students to who could with the new team. Seniors Nick Duffey and Gavin Dowling and signed up to participate.

“I wanted to try and help out anyway possible with the kids involved. I know that it means a lot to them seeing other athletes and kids in school being there for them, and I wanted to help them succeed and have fun,” Duffey said.

Senior Gavin Dowling agreed.

“I joined because I love being around these kids, and they really like being around and hanging out with other athletes. I think this is a great opportunity for our school to come together and have fun,” he said.

Duffey is looking forward to the meets.

“We have practice two times a week, and then we have five meets that happen before the regular track meets and the sectionals and so on,” Duffey said.




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