While attending a high school baseball game, students see a baseball being tossed towards a player’s girlfriend. A closer view reveals a Promposal is happening. The ball states, Prom?.

“I think promposals are overrated because you should just be able to ask someone over text. Doing promposals puts people on the spot and makes them feel like they have to say “yes” Senior Marissa Turner said.

Commonly, Promposals take place at school in front of a group of friends making it a bigger deal.

“I was a Sophomore, and I was promposed to by Blanca Ortega who was junior. She did not want to make a big scene or anything but she also did not want to ask me on text. When were in power hour whenever she first did it, she asked me to turn around and said, “I know this is not fireworks or anything” and pulled up a picture of fireworks, and said “But will you go to prom with me”. I said yea, of course I will. The following day she brought a box of donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts and asked me to prom again more formally” Senior Nick Benitz said.

Due to the fact that people do them so often now and make them such a big deal, they can be often seen as overrated. Often promposals are done through sports such as writing something on a basketball, volleyball, tennis ball, etc.

“He came to my tennis match and on the tennis ball it has Prom with a question mark. I really liked the effort but I would have said yes either way” Junior Bekah Ebeyer said. 

Although some people may not like the idea of Promposals, others enjoy them.           

“I think everyone should do Promposals because it is a fun way to be asked to Prom, but then again not everyone would like it,” Turner said.

 Some couples would rather it just be a mutual thing so they do not have to worry about putting in so much work for something that will last a few minutes.

“I would prefer it to be a mutual thing other than it being asked through a promposal. Doing a promposal puts people on the spot,” Turner said.                                                                                                                        

Common ways for promposals in high school could involve food, a poster, a date night any many more. Often boys are the ones who initiate it unless they are not upperclassmen. 

“I did an UP theme. It had a poster that said Are you up for prom? and it had the up house on it. There were a bunch of balloons. I think a promposal means more because it is just a bigger gesture,” junior Marissa Olson.

Promposal season is just around the corner with prom approaching April 25th.

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