Nothing Bundt Cakes Review

When walking into Nothing Bundt Cakes, the customer is greeted with yellow painted walls and a display featuring a variety of flavors.

Nothing Bundt Cakes is a specialty cake shop located on 3113 Smith Valley Rd. They specialize in Bundt cakes, ranging from full-sized cakes for parties or a set of a dozen minis called “bundtinis.” The flavor spectrum is wide, including flavors like Marble or white chocolate raspberry.

Walking in, we were surprised at the size of the shop. Most of it was taken up by the bakery, meaning the interior was small. My friend and I, another Timberlines staff reporter Braelynn Dotson, had been planning to stay, but were unable to because of the lack of seating. If planning on going, make sure not to plan on eating inside the shop. However, another more pleasant surprise was the interior. It was painted yellow with cute decorations and multiple displays of the cakes. The environment was welcoming and provided a better experience.

We settled on trying the lemon, chocolate, and peanut butter swirl, which was a limited edition cake. They were also giving out free samples of the red velvet cake, allowing us to try it. The first thing I noticed about the cake was the texture, which was moist and loaded with frosting. The red velvet cake made of excited to try more. The lemon cake was the first one I tried, as I am a usually a fan of lemon flavors. This one did not disappoint. Many lemon cakes can be too sweet, but this one had a strong lemon flavor and a vanilla frosting. If a customer is a fan of the flavoring, I would recommend trying the lemon above other flavors. The peanut butter swirl was also very good, impressing my friend, who has always been a huge fan of peanut butter. My only complaint was that the peanut butter was somewhat dry, making me thirsty.

One I would not recommend would be the chocolate cake. It was not bad, but it was kind of boring. An exciting feature of specialty shops is the ability to try flavors that would not usually be found elsewhere. While there was nothing wrong with it, there was nothing making it stand out from other cakes. If I could go back, I would have tried the pecan praline or bought an entire red velvet red cake.

Overall, the experience was worth it. Each cake, which we bought in the personal size, was only $4.50, and were big enough to have split between two people.

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