Indoor track begins season

As the winter sports come to a close and spring sports begin their practices, track begins its season with a series of indoor track meets.

Of the few differences between indoor and outdoor track, one of them is the distances of the runs.

“Obviously, the distances are different, and I like it because we race a lot of the bigger schools, like Warren and North Central and there is some really good competition,” junior Tanner Allen said.

Many athletes enjoy the indoor experience.

“Honestly, some of the hardest parts for a thrower can just be the backdrop at times. It can be different than the outside feel,” junior Cameron Ford said. “When you’re looking out and see the open air, at times I just feel like I can unleash a better throw. It can be a hard adjustment simply because you are throwing indoors and the feel of that can be off at times”

Allen agrees.

“It can be different but I feel like I have always ran better indoors, with the competition that is there” said Allen.

The distance of the two tracks are very different. Where one lap on an outdoor track is 400 meters, it is usually only 200 indoors. This can make races like the 200 meter and 400 meter dash very different.

“I usually prefer outdoors because there are more races and you feel like there is more space when you aren’t racing,” Olivia Brawley, junior, said.

The indoor season usually starts off track season to combat the weather, and then outdoor events begin.

“I think the indoor meets are great, and by the time they are over, I feel very ready to get outdoors and compete,” Allen said.

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