GHS canned food drive comes to an end

The Service Club ran the canned food drive to donate food to charity.

“Service Club meets every Friday. When we met during PowerHour, we decided how we collect with a new reward system this year so that if just 50 cans donated, a class would be able to get the reward. This year two teachers will sumo wrestle for the classes who achieve the goal,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, club sponsor, said.

The food drive donates cans to people in need through The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army brought over four trucks, and they picked up all the can food that we donated. Probably the most interesting process is that they have to go through item by item. We donated 2,566 cans, and all of those cans have to be logged by The Salvation Army. They also check every expiration date on them so it will roughly take a week,” Mrs. Laug said.

Students gave back with the canned food drive.

“This isn’t the first time I have donated cans. Last semester Senac had a canned food drive,and I was able to donate around 175 cans. In eighth grade, I was able to donated 1116 cans. People definitely need it more than me today so it’s a great feeling to be able to give back,” sophomore Morgan Baily said.

The school looks to increase on the number of cans.

“Last year, we donated just over 2,000 cans, so we definitely beat that this year. We are just trying to continue to change things up for the school. This year we went with the new format to have that each class can be a winner, so we don’t just have one teacher to do anything,” Mrs. Laug said.

The canned food drive also came with some perks.

“The number one reason I donated cans is that it is going to a really good cause. Another reason I donated cans is because our teacher gave us extra credit for the good deed,” sophomore Doga Karakus said.

The new format gives students a chance to participate. This year two teachers will sumo wrestle at the choice of the students who battles.

“We wanted to change it so that every class would now have a chance. Whereas years before that we got a huge amount from one teacher, and we were wondering if that was deterring students from bringing in more cans. With our new change, it is giving each student the incentive that they can have the reward as well,” Mrs. Laug said.

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