EPIC Rock climbing experience

The experience of Epic was exhilarating. Looking down from wall was a breath taking view.

The overall experience was remarkable. The staff was warm and welcoming. Many think that messing up in front of other climbers would be embarrassing, but actually they help everyone figure out easier ways to do routes and encourage them to never stop trying. When I first went, I was really nervous. I did not know how it would go. Everything felt huge and like giant obstacles, but when I reached the peak of the route, it felt like I was on top of the world.

The Mamba Mentality route was the best route by far. My favorite route was the mamba mentality route

It is brand new and dedicated to the fallen NBA all-star Kobe Bryant. I was fascinated by the routes because they change weekly. They had a Valentine’s Day route where everyone would need partners. They have to help their partner up to the top of the route to complete it. There are well over a 100 routes to take.

There are many different styles of climbing.

The staff taught me the four different types of climbing: bouldering, top rope, auto belay, lead climbing. The first one is bouldering. Bouldering is where have a person have no ropes involved at all and there is just a wall to climb up. Depending on what route someone take, it can anywhere from easy to challenging. The second one is top rope. Top rope is where someone has a belayer, which is a person that keeps the slack off the rope to make sure someone do not fall to their death. Keeping little slack on the rope keeps people from falling lengthier distances. The third is auto belay. Auto belay is where a person has a pulley at the top of someone else rope. As they go, up it sucks in the rope and allows them to fall gracefully. The final one is lead climbing. Lead climbing is where one person climbs and the other guides. When a climber reaches a quick draw they clip in.

Bouldering is a type of rock climbing that will keep the climber engaged at all times.

My favorite type of climbing is bouldering. Bouldering is where a climber has no rope and no partners. It is by far the best climbing experience in my opinion. The bouldering wall is split into nine different difficulties. They are completely randomized throughout the bouldering climbing section. The levels are really weird; they can go from V0 to V16 for bouldering when there is only nine difficulties. Completely new to me, I do not really know why they do this, but it is pretty interesting.

They supply more than just rock climbing.

Not only do they have rock climbing, but they also have a gym, pro-shop, and a little kids’ climbing wall, yoga and fitness, birthday parties, and even have night climbs. With night climbing, the climber needs to have headlights for their head so that way they can see their way up the routes. The gym they offer is a bit bigger than main gym at GHS including upstairs. The pro-shop includes basic stuff such as food and drinks. Then, they have all the necessities anyone will ever need.

EPIC is located right outside downtown Indiana. It costs twenty dollars per person for the entire park, including the other activities they provide as well. It is a bargain to have a great time.


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