Boys basketball Sectional Editorial

Where do we begin, the salty relationship between Center Grove and Greenwood.

Our school has always demised the school who has dominated our basketball world, until now. The Greenwood Varsity team defeated Center Grove to win the school’s first basketball sectional since 2002.

The team ends a 22 game losing streak to Center Grove dating back all the way to 2006, and this win was a long time coming. This year in the regular season we had a nail biter that came all the way down to the wire. Last year we got knocked out of the County Tournament and the Sectional Tournament, so let’s say, this win feels really good.

Students drove down to Shelbyville in able to support the team, and oh boy did the team show out. We stunned the Center Grove team and shocked fans in the crowed by going up early. With the game tied at half hopeful fans held on the chance that Center Grove would finally go down.

The team came out a half with a gun blazing.

The woodmen came out of halftime with the intention to win and win only. Since this was the biggest rival that we have, we wanted to put Center Grove right into the ground. The game was close for a while, but then the Woodmen put it into overdrive and pulled away from CG by a landslide. They started playing the best defense and the best offense in those final minutes of the game to secure the win.

As the game was coming to a close, the woodmen family went crazy.

The final moments of the game were moments of pure joy. The anxiousness of the game ending was so intense. Us as fans were waiting for this moment for so long. It was one of the best moments in Woodmen history. The final buzzer hit, the entire Greenwood section rushed the court with so much excitement and happiness.

As the net was being cut down, we could not help but feel the joy of the woodmen.         

When the coaches and players were cutting the net, the fans went crazy. The first time we beat Center Grove in 14 years, let alone winning a sectional title in 18 years.

We can’t feel more proud for the team that showed Center Grove that Greenwood does not play around.

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