2021 spring break Edelweiss trip

GHS students are invited to our Europe trip next Spring Break. The trip will take students to Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

“The trip, Edelweiss, is a little more than a year away. I always establish the destination and itinerary so far in advance so that participants can have a longer period of time to make payments,” Mrs. Ward said.

There are many benefits of going on the trip.

“Traveling abroad not only provides a great topic for college essays, but also prepares students for a global-minded workforce and success in an international community. This trip provides an extension of the classroom, bringing to life so many things students have only read about,” Mrs. Ward said.

It also provides students with a chance to experience things that they never would get to without the trip.

“I’m getting an opportunity to go to a country I’ve never been to, trying new foods, seeing cool sights, and, of course, having fun with my friends,” sophomore Grace Taylor said.

Though the trip is immensely beneficial to students, it is expensive. It costs $4,000 dollars per student.

“It is not unusual for students to pay for these trips themselves, thanks to their part-time jobs. Once we are much closer to our departure date, we’ll meet to discuss how to prepare for the trip,” Mrs. Ward said.

Whether or not Taylor goes on the trip is completely dependent on if she can raise the money herself.

“I can’t go if I don’t get the money. I’m hoping to get a job at Freedom Springs as a lifeguard this summer,” Taylor said.

Not only will students get to go to another country, they will be prepared for their own individual futures.            

“The experiential learning opportunities appeal to multiple intelligences and learning styles. In addition, students experience personal growth by traveling abroad. They return with a better idea of how to manage their money, as well as a greater sense of self-confidence, self-awareness, and global awareness,” Mrs. Ward said.

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