Warm weather brings new spring fashion

With spring rapidly approaching, wardrobes will be changing with the weather.

There are many great stylish places to get new, trendy spring clothes. But a lot of people prefer to stick to the basics and develop their styles for themselves.

“I will most likely do the majority of my spring shopping at Kohl’s or Goodwill. I always think that thrifting clothes is so much easier and authentic. I’m also broke, so it’s nice to only spend $5 on 10 shirts,” sophomore Will Riche said.

Teenagers are big fans of thrift shopping because they can take forgotten clothes and cut and style them to make them cute and trendy.

“I’ll probably go thrifting at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. I also love shopping at Plato’s Closet; they have a lot of newer, nicer stuff that’s more in style right now,” junior Ava Leininger said.

One prominent look sticks out to retail workers.

“One thing that we have a lot of is crop tops, but the come in a lot of different styles, floral patterns and neutral colors are a big thing right now. Also, we have a lot of ripped high wasted mom jeans which typically go with the crop tops,” sophomore Svetlana Skoric said. Skoric works at holister.

There are many different styles going on among teenagers right now. A new trend that has been popping up recently is “granola.” It describes a person who likes to be outside and clothes that go along with it are comparable of a hippie.

“I mainly stick to the granola fashion in the spring. I like to wear clothes that are comfortable and that I can go hiking or rock climbing in. I’ll probably stick to my shorts and soft oversized long sleeve shirts,” Riche said.

Bright colors have been a statement in fashion for a while, teenagers are taking it to a whole new level by not only wearing vibrant clothing but pairing the bright clothes with bright accessories.

“I think that in the spring we will see a lot more bright colors all over not only on shirts and stuff people will wear bright socks or headbands and other accessories. Just because I have seen a lot of bright accessories in the winter so I think there will be a lot more of that in the spring,” Leininger said.

The changing season is a process for customers and retail workers.

“What we do is we get a new shipment for our spring collection, and we have to mark down all the old winter clothes. We basically empty out the whole store and categorize everything and put it where it goes,” Skoric said.

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