Track season starts

            As the beginning of track season approaches, athletes and coaches are preparing for their first meet on March 3.

            There will be several changes to the track program this year. The most impactful change will be having a new coach. The new coach will be Coach Justin Bennett, who will come straight from girls basketball season into track season.

“I am excited to have him on board because he has coached track before at other schools. Another change this year will be not having the group of seniors last year who went to State. We will have to fill their spots with others who can contribute points,” Coach Blaine Williams said.

With smaller numbers for teams than in recent years, there are still many outstanding athletes who are expected to place well on both the girls and boys teams.

“I am excited for this group because we have a lot of top level people coming back for the girls. On the other hand, the guys lost their top scorers last year, and we will have to find others to step into their place and score the most points,” Williams said.

            There are also several incoming freshmen who will be major contributors.

            “My goals for this year include getting better at high jump and setting higher goals than last year. I want to also improve on my running and be quicker on my feet. I am going to accomplish my goals by working hard every day and by doing my best. Even though I mess up, I have to keep going and be more motivated,” freshman Lily Hommell said.

            As upperclassmen, athletes are aware of the difficulty of competition they will face at meets and how to better themselves at practice.

            “My main goal for this year is to get faster. I will achieve this goal by working my hardest at practices and by continuing to push myself. At meets, there will be other people faster than me, but I want to continue to better myself throughout the year,” junior Ethan Haessig said.   

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