Staffer tries Thai food

I have always been a person that has not been afraid of trying different cultural foods, even if it is just one time for experience, so when I had the opportunity to write about my first experience with Thai food, I was very excited. I had heard all the stories of Thai food’s incredible spice and noodle dishes, and couldn’t wait to experience it.

In the parking lot of House of Thai on 135, the first look of the strip mall from the outside is not something that would strike one as a very fancy restaurant, but that thought was quickly changed when I entered. Quiet but very nice, my brother and I were the only patrons at first, but many more trickled in. My brother gave me the rundown of all his Thai food experiences and warned me of the heat. I browsed the menu, wanting to get a dish that was truly Thai, to get a real experience. The dish I knew the most about, or that I had just heard the most about, was pad Thai. It seemed simple enough, with noodles and your choice of meat. Being the basic person I am I got chicken and chose the medium heat on the scale.

When the food arrived, it looked delicious. A simple dish of noodles, chicken, and a few other assorted toppings. My first few bites, I tried to get a true read on the food. Some may be taken aback by the consistency, as the noodles are almost slimy. Once I got through this I realized that the flavor was incredible. At first, I didn’t quite feel the heat, and commented that I definitely could have went up a couple of notches on the heat scale. I may have spoken too soon. Although the medium heat was never unbearably hot, my nose was running by the end of the meal. In reality, the medium was really the perfect mix between spice and flavor. There was enough spice to give a really flavorful addition to the dish, but it wasn’t going to have you running for safety. I quickly ran through the chicken and was left with only noodles, which I was skeptical about. Actually, the noodles were quite enjoyable by themselves.

Overall it was certainly an enjoyable experience and a food that I will definitely be eating more often. When buying for one, you can easily eat under $15 dollars and the service was very good. With all this being said I definitely endorse House of Thai.

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