Respecting our school

We see trash everywhere. Wrappers on the ground, lunch leftovers wedged into corners, drinks spilled on the floor. We have even witnessed pancakes on the stairs.

The cleanliness of the building is the first impression we make as Woodmen and shows whether we respect ourselves. We have never been the school with bathrooms walls covered in graffiti or broken bottles in the parking lot. But, we are becoming a school of people who litter, and that is not okay. It is not adults’ jobs to pick up our messes — even if adults do that at home. The student body as a whole needs to take control of the situation we are creating by being lazy.

Students may remark that it is the janitors’ task to clean up after them. For spills, yes, that may be true, but is it so hard for students to walk five feet and throw trash away? Students need to be respectful of the people who clean up their vomit off the floors and clean the toilets. Showing them an amount of respect by throwing away personal trash is the least we can do.

In fact, cleaning up has been made easy for us. Outside many teachers’ doors, there are places to dispense plastic bottles and bags for bottle caps. In classrooms, there are paper recycling bins and trash cans. Students can simply pick up their trash and throw it away or recycle it, whichever they prefer.

As teenagers, we constantly tell our parents we are not little kids and that we want to be treated like adults. One step toward adulthood is actually acting like an adult — pick up after yourself.

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