Reporter visits Japanese restaurant Yokohama

Inside a small building in Old Town Greenwood, there is family-run Japanese restaurant waiting to be discovered. 

The building Yokohama resides in used to be a house, sitting at 67 N Madison Ave. The environment is small and cozy with tables that use blankets as tablecloths and vases filled with Himalayan salt. Ordering is simple, instead of speaking to a waiter, guests mark what they want on a paper and hand it in. Yokohama serves Japanese food with a specific focus on sushi. 

The first thing I ordered was the Crunchy L.A., which had crab meat, cream cheese, avocado and tempura. It definitely seemed like an American style sushi while still being authentic. At $17, it was expensive, but the rolls were large enough that it was worth it. My friend and I both split the roll, and we each felt full after eating just that. A similar roll that I have tried in the past would be the No Name roll, which I would recommend if the Crunchy L.A. sounds good but guests have bigger appetites.  

Another roll we decided to try was the Mermaid roll made of spicy tuna, smoked salmon, crab meat, shrimp and avocado. Of the two, this was the more traditional. The ingredients all tasted fresh and together provided an authentic experience. The waitress suggested the Mermaid roll or Rainbow roll for those new to sushi.  

After we tried the sushi, they brought out the Unagi we ordered. Unagi is a type of Nigiri made with rice and freshwater eel. Neither of us had tried eel before, so we decided to try something different. I expected it to be a lot chewier, but it was actually very soft. The taste reminded me of Teriyaki, as it had a smoky and salty flavor. It was much different than anticipated, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely recommend trying it if. 

Overall, the experience was very pleasant. The wait was short, and each time I have gone, the service has been perfect. People looking for an authentic Japanese experience should visit Yokohama.

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