Post Malone Concert

Bankers Life was exploding with energy as three of the top celebrities in the world performed in front of a sold-out Indiana crowd.

The performance started out with DJ E-Nice being introduced and a few thousand people roaring and singing along to some of the top songs in the world by various artists. Tyla Yaweh was the first artist to perform.

Sophomore Zack Leber gave his thoughts on Tyla’s performance.

“He was definitely pretty good. I didn’t know him as well as Swae or Post, but I thought he was really entertaining and he really brought energy to the crowd. I also thought he did a good job interacting with everyone too,” sophomore Zack Leber said.

Sophomore Sam Fenner reacted too.

“He was good. I didn’t really know any of his songs, but they were pretty good and he sounded really good. He was definitely the most energetic of the three,” Fenner said.

Freshman Emily Metzger explained what she thought.

“I had never heard or listened to any of Tyla Yaweh’s music, but I really liked his flow and style. After the concert I started listening to his music and really enjoyed it,” Metzger said.

Full of people from different states, the crowd was super energetic and hyper. Everyone was into the music and really going with the performances.

Leber gave his overall thoughts on the concert.

“It was really good and really well put together. I thought that with how many people there were, issues were going to happen. But there weren’t any issues that I remember, and it was a lot of fun being with friends and family,” Leber said.

The second performer of the night was Swae Lee. He played some of his hit songs, such as “No Type,” “Powerglide,” and “Borrowed Love.”

“He was amazing and my favorite part was when he let that kid on stage with him to dance and sing the song with him,” Leber said..

Metzger reflected to Swae’s performance.

“I’ve always liked Swae Lee, so I really was excited to hear his songs. Swae was really exciting and got me pumped up for the rest of Post Malone’s concert,” Metzger said.

Post Malone was the final performer, and he played his most popular hits from his three albums Beerbongs and Bentleys and Hollywood’s Bleeding and Stoney.

Leber shares his thoughts on Post’s performance.

“Best of the night and he never stopped thanking the crowd after every song. He said that Indianapolis was one of his Top 3 places to perform, and I think we meant a lot to him being there,” said Leber.

Fenner explained why he thought Post was the best performer of the night.

“He was amazing. He sounded just like he does on his recorded versions, and he even showed off his talent by playing the guitar for a song. He really does it all, and I can’t wait for him to be back here,” Fenner said.

Metzger agreed.

“Post Malone’s portion of the concert was of course, the best part. I loved that he incorporated his hits from his first two albums with the songs he performed,” Metzger said.

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