March Madness

March is the most watched and most entertaining month of all of college basketball. Powerhouse teams emerge and destroy their opponents, and others get upset by smaller less known teams.

March Madness is when the 32 best college basketball teams compete to win the national championship. It starts at 32 then it goes to the sweet 16, then it goes down to the elite 8. After that is the Final 4. Then, fans love the national championship. 

“It is the best time in college basketball. It shows what hard work and grind looks like when it’s been a great season. It shows what these men have done to get where they are at. The national championship is the key and goal for everybody in college basketball for their team,” junior LaNard Bolden said.

Fans travel with their schools, and Pretty much every March Madness has one big upset that shocks the nation.

Last season Loyola Chicago made an amazing run making it all the way to the Final Four but losing to Michigan University. They were the 11th seed and beat 6 seeded Miami in the first round. Then they went on to beat #3 ranked Tennessee and #7 Nevada. 

“A true underdog as no one expected Loyola Chicago to make it that far at all. Michigan lost to Villanova in the championship in the next game. That 2018 tournament also showed the first ever 16 seed beat the 1 seed. UMBC beat Virginia by 20 in the first round making history,” sophomore Ryan Krieg said.

 Too many times No. 1 seeded teams fall early in the tournament, making No. 1  seeded teams not always the favorite to win it all.  

This year for college basketball has also been home for multiple top ranked teams losing to fairly bad teams. It started with No. 15 ranked in the US, Kentucky, losing to Evansville. 

“A few weeks later powerhouse Duke lost to Stephen F. Austin  85-83. As of February the top seeds of each section are most likely going to be Baylor, Kansas, and Gonzaga and San Diego will all represent the number one seeds if everything continues to stay the same.” sophomore Dylan Mayhew said.

Some fan favorites are the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the Virginia Cavaliers and the  amazing team this year, the Baylor Bears.

“I have Villanova winning it all this year. We have great teams every year. And the only team we have competition with is gonzaga and Ik we will beat them. It’s going to be another national championship win for the Villanova Wildcats, baby,” Mayhew said

 Followed by Duke, Florida St, Louisville and Dayton as the 2 seeds, teams are still in contention for the bubble spots as the last few teams get entered into the tournament after the conference tournaments.

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