Fast food vs retail which do part time workers prefer?

As teens enter the work force, they usually have two options: work in retail or work in fast food.

Sophomore Michael Higareda recently worked at the sandwich shop, Firehouse Subs.

“I worked there over the summer because I wanted to make my own money. Working in fast food at the time was my only option because most retail places required me to be 18. I ended up quitting when school started because I did not enjoy it,” Higareda said.

Higareda explains the pros and cons of working with fast food.

“I would like to work in retail some day because I think it would be better than working fast food. I was around food all the time and I ended up getting sick and tired of it and not wanting to see it. I think working at fast food is probably harder than working at retail. The real cons of working with fast food is the cleaning. I never liked cleaning and sometimes the tables and work areas can get really disgusting,” Higareda said.

Sophomore Antonio Buquer is works at Firehouse Subs but has worked in retail before.

“I used to work at a grocery store. I definitely like working at fast food more. Maybe it is just because of the people that I work with my I hated stocking shelves and doing nothing all day. When working with fast food, I am moving around making sandwiches and other food. I only chose fast food because I had to, but I like it better. Cons of working here is that some of the customers’ orders are confusing, and they get complicated sometimes,” Buquer said.

Sophomore Kennedy Philips works at Chick-Fil-A.

“I have been working here for a few months and I love it. Chick-Fil-A is one of my favorite restaurants to eat and work at. The only cons of working here is that sometimes I get tired of the food. The smell makes me nauseous and some days I hate the smell. I like working here because of how nice people are, plus I always have Sunday off. I chose here instead of other places because of the Christian aspect and working at stores seems more boring,” Philips said.

Sophomore Luke Bastin has worked with retail for a few months.

“I have worked at Kroger but most recently quit to focus on school. Working here was pretty boring. Most of the time, I worked the later shifts so not as many people were there. The pros of working there is that it paid decently, and at least at Kroger, it was calm most of the time,” Bastin said.




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