Chamberlain Coffee underwhelms customer

The new coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, is anything but special.  It is fun to enjoy, but compared to any other rich and bitter coffee, it tastes practically the same.

The smell of the fresh brewed coffee and the coffee tea-bag was amazing.  It had slight hints of cherry and was super strong.  I personally enjoy the strong coffee scent and flavor, but to some, it could be overpowering.

Before tasting the latte concoction that Chamberlain recommends, I tried the coffee plain and black first.  The wrapper states that the coffee is supposed to have hints of cherry and chocolate, but the plain taste test gave no sign of either.  Most coffee always has a chocolate flavor because of its origin, but her coffee lacked all of it, even when it was supposed to taste like it.  I was still hopeful because I know that Chamberlain is famous for being a coffee fanatic, but later I learned that my hope was no help in making this coffee taste better.

I made the coffee just like Emma Chamberlain makes hers because she said this was the best way to enjoy it: three coffee bags steeped overnight in cold water, and then take 1 cup of the coffee mixed with almond milk and nutpods vanilla creamer and served over ice.  After trying the latte mix, I was terribly let down.  Junior Faith Peebles and I taste tested the drinks and both concluded that it is not special or worth the expense.

The main attributes that stuck out to us when trying the coffee were that it was very thin, almost like cold brew, it tasted like straight black coffee, it had no special qualities that I could not get from a local coffee shop, and it was not sweet at all.

Peebles and I both enjoy black coffee, but we both agreed that the coffee was not amazing.  Although we did enjoy it, it had nothing that made it stand out compared to other types of coffee that we had tried before.

The whole process of mimicking my drink to be just like Chamberlain’s favorite way of drinking it was honestly the most fun part about it.  Chamberlain knows that people will buy her drink so that they can be just like her, but in reality, surrounding coffee chains, such as Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, are so much better and less expensive than her coffee.

Compared to the most well-known coffee chains, Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, Chamberlain Coffee is not good.  I truly believe that Starbucks has a much better coffee and Dunkin Donuts is a close second because they have mastered their signature coffee flavor.  Whereas Chamberlain Coffee was too rushed and does not have a perfected flavor profile yet.

I think if she wants to be successful with her new coffee company, she needs to make the coffee flavor more individualized and personal because at this point it tastes like straight black coffee.

Overall, I would rate this coffee a 6/10 because I personally enjoy black coffee and will likely finish off the coffee that I bought, but I do not recommend this coffee to anyone who hates black coffee and strong bitter flavor.

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