Who do you look like?

Over the past week and a half, Instagram has blown up with new look-alike filters.  Users have been discovering and testing out this new feature.

The simple background to these filters is that they connect or assume what characters, animals, and objects resemble the person using the filter.  Many of the filters are actually inaccurate, but it is more about the fun of seeing who or what people look like.

“I enjoy the filters mostly because I find people’s reactions to them to be funny.  Most of them are accurate, possibly a little bit too accurate; however, some of them don’t represent my personality at all and are completely wrong in all aspects,” sophomore Selena Piñon said.

Most people discovered these filters through the app, but there are also some people who had no idea about them until friends and family introduced them.  For example, junior Collin Campbell discovered the filters through the platform from his friends and watching them play around with it.

“I actually didn’t originally find these filters on my own.  I saw my friends posting videos with the filters and decided to test them out for myself.  I found that they were very easy to use and thought they were a super fun and easy way to joke around with your friends.  I enjoy seeing what Instagram believes I look like because it is usually not accurate at all,” Campbell said.

Sophomore Claire Handy also enjoys this new trend, but due to how society works nowadays, she believes they will soon be tossed aside.  She said that Instagram trends are all the same and end up getting too much hype, and then they have a very big crash afterwards.

“I assume this trend will end up lasting anywhere from a week to a month.  If Instagram keeps these filters around for everyone to use for longer than three months, they will likely stay in the media, but if people stop updating the filters, people will get burnt out and stop using them.  Although it may be fun, it will have a big downfall just like every other trend on Instagram and the rest of the social media platforms,” Handy said.

The first filter used by the public was the “What Disney Character do I Look Like?” and it is likely the most popular filter to date.  Piñon, however, did not use that filter first, but she does think it is the best one created.

“I actually did not start using these filters as soon as they came out, so I did not discover them through the main one, the Disney filter.  I do, however, enjoy that one the most.  The first filter I used was the ‘How will your 2020 be?’  It told me I would be hungry which I thought was pretty funny, so then I tried out the most popular one,” Piñon said.

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