Walker captures first in Mid-State Conference


The boys wrestling team took on the Mid-State Conference meet last weekend in Mooresville.

“The team mostly practices our call outs going into the meet. It’s basically about 30 moves that we are supposed to know and also execute. Whenever the coach tells us to execute, we are able to do them and give us a bigger index of moves we can do. Each callout takes us about 10 minutes to learn. Then we work them down so we know them in about six minutes,” sophomore Tyler Maxwell said.

The meet was focused on the individual part of the sport

“The hardest thing about the team is that it’s an individual meet. We focus on Perry because they are a really good team in the state. The big meets are definitely more fun because winning really means something,” junior Anthony Walker said.

The meet is intensified with the higher quality of competition. Every team and athlete is fighting for a spot to be in the top of the conference.

”We practice a lot harder for this meet. It usually gets a lot more intense working in practice, and that’s just really tough mentally and physically for that. A lot of that is that you have to be tough. If you’re not exactly mentally, there then you won’t be able to prepare yourself for the people you are going to face in the conference meet,” senior Noah Willham said.

Last year the team had some success, this year they expanded on that.

“Last year we had two champs, and three in the finals. Nick Willham and Jake Stover both won last year. We also had a few more come in second place including Anthony Walker. Anthony is the only one returning out of those guys this year,” wresting Coach Yates said.

Anthony Walker would go on to win in his weight class for this year.

”I think we will have one to three champions from Greenwood in the meet,” Walker said.

Big meets only are a small portion of the season, and the team looks to capitalize on the bigger meets of the year.

“My favorite part of going to the bigger meets is that it’s a really great check to see how I’m doing in the wrestler in the season compared to how I work in the wrestling room, it’s a good thing to see how I’ve been doing and how it transitions out,” Maxwell said.

The young team worked to strive in this year’s meet.

“We are pretty young this year, so I think Franklin and Perry Meridian are definitely the favorites. We have Anthony as a second seed so he has a good chance to see in the finals, we also have a few other guys that should be in the top 4,” Coach Yates said.

Big meets come with big stakes.

“I think that we can beat the tougher teams there if we continue to practice hard and try our best against the big teams. If you give it all that you got that’s how you do great,” Willham said.

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