Tobacco Law rises to 21

18 year old guys can no longer just walk into a gas station to purchase tobacco. The new tobacco law is officially in effect, and the legal age has been moved to 21.

Mr. Josh Harmon gives his thoughts on the new law.

“I think it is a good idea. Smoking and drinking to me both have negative effects, and if the drinking age is 21, I think the smoking age should be 21 as well,” he said.

Assistant Principal Karen Busch gives her thoughts on the new law.

“I think it is about time we addressed a serious problem. I am very excited to hear that they are raising the tobacco law to 21,” she said.

Mrs. Busch explains why there will not be a outrage with the new law.

“Maybe for underaged people, but no, I don’t think so. I think parents are realizing the harmfulness that this is bringing to their kids. It is too easy for them to get ahold of. You can get online and say you’re 18 and get THC, and it’s too easy to get. I think our parents are excited, but the kids I am not so sure,” she said.

Mr. Harmon said if he thinks there will not be more laws like this in the future to prevent smoking.

“I think if it goes to 21, I don’t think there will be any more laws for it. I think if both the drinking and smoking ages are 21, I doubt there will be any more laws made to help prevent it,” he said .

Mrs. Busch agreed.

“No because even when I was a kid, they got rid of tobacco on commercials, but it didn’t really slow much down. However, I think the parents got more aware. I don’t think there will be more laws; I just think people will get smarter,” said Mrs. Busch.

Mr. Harmon said this law will work.

“I think that there will obviously still be underage smoking, just as there is underage drinking. A law can’t stop that, but I think it will stop some underage kids if the law is enforced,” he said.

Mrs. Busch is hopeful, too.

“I hope so because we have kids in high school who are 18. We don’t have kids here that are 21. So our 18 year olds buy it and then they get money by selling it to other kids under the age of 18. And when I ask the kids, they all say they are buying it here from 18 year olds. So to me it will work because there will be less people having the means to get it,” said Busch.

But Mr. Harmon does not think that all 50 states will adopt the same law.

“Not every state is going to feel the same way. I’m sure the more conservative states will, and the less conservative states won’t. It really depends on the state at this point,” he said.

But Mrs. Busch explained why she thinks all 50 states will adopt similar laws.

“I hope so. All the states have the drinking age of 21, so I assume sooner or later they will, especially because there is no regulation yet,” she said.

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