Spring musical begins preparations

Anything Goes” is in the works for this spring after the dram programs was denied the rights to the musical, “Oklahoma.

Junior Parker Irwin described the challenges he and his team have had to take on to make sure the musical is ready to go. ‘Oklahoma’ was they play the wanted.

“It is a little difficult to talk about right now as we are just getting started in the planning process. In terms of not getting the rights we wanted it was personally super difficult to hear that we were denied the rights to ‘Oklahoma,” Irwin said.

Irwin and the team were because they had put a lot of time and effort into planning “Oklahoma.”

“So many of us had worked super hard to memorize the music and perfect it for auditions. An audition in general is nerve racking enough nevertheless an audition that we do not have a long time to prepare for. That being said, it creates a challenge to us to see what we can do in the time we are given and will make auditions all that more interesting for the panel,” Irwin said.

Sophomore Angela Stigall is interested in the musical and has tried her best to help in any way she can.

“I am really excited for the musical this spring. I think it will be really fun and the music will be awesome. We hit a bump in the road when we were not able to get the title that we wanted. It was disappointing because they had worked very hard to plan the music and be denied. Luckily, they have recovered and have begun to plan the musical,” Stigall said

Stigall is hopeful she will get her part.

“The musical is still very early in the works so it is difficult to talk much about it. Nonetheless, I am confident that the musical will be spectacular and a must see,” Stigall said.

Mrs. Amy Kendall is the assistant director of the musical.

“I have really good expectations for the play as I am familiar with the cast and crew and they are all very good. The musical is kind of a silly musical with a lot of classical music. I always hear the kids that are auditioning humming the songs, so I think a lot of people will enjoy it. It is a little bit of a classic love story with gangsters and a preacher that becomes a nightclub dancer. The musical will be performed on March 12-15 although that might change due to a conflict a basketball game,” she said.

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