Snowcoming at Greenwood High School

To celebrate the winter sports and their accomplishments, Student Council is planning Winter Homecoming. Snowcoming week will take place next week.

The week will consist of activities to get all students and teachers involved.

“We are having a volleyball tournament, spirit days, dining for dollars, a door decorating contest and a pep rally,” Mrs. Kara Applegate, Student Counsel sponsor, said.

The spirit days are as follows: Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Monochrome Day, Wednesday is Celebrity/Character Day, Thursday is Squad Day, and Friday is Green and Gold Day with upperclassmen wearing green and underclassmen wearing gold.

“The dining for dollars will be hosted at the Fazolis located on 135 on Jan. 27,” junior Collin Campbell, Student Council representative, said.

The door decorating contest will be between teachers who decorate their classroom doors either by themselves or with the help of students. The winner will be announced and earn a prize. The pep rally will be Friday afternoon and include many new activities that involve students and teachers.

“The pep rally for the Winter Homecoming will have a lot less dance competitions. During the fall pep rally, we had all of the powderpuff dances, student dances and teacher dances, but for this pep rally, we will only have one dance competition. We also added in a basketball competition instead of an obstacle course, and we will have the cheerleaders and dancers perform school spirit chants,” senior Emily Chatham, Student Council vice president, said.

One of the main differences between the fall and winter Homecomings is that there is not a dance or a parade.

“This winter Homecoming is also different than the fall Homecoming because we are cheering for multiple sports teams rather than just football. There’s swimming, wrestling and both boys and girls basketball teams that are competing during Homecoming Week,” Chatham said.

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