Seniors trade absences for no finals

Most of the seniors are excited about the opportunity giving them motivation to better their grades and attendance.

Although this is an awesome opportunity for seniors, there is criteria they must follow:

  • The student cannot receive more than two non-attendance referrals.
  • The students has no more than four absences.
  • The student has not accumulated more than ten tardies in all seven periods.
  • The student is passing the class. 
  • The student is present for Honor’s Day and senior portrait. 

“I think the new finals policy is an awesome opportunity. Seniors have experienced the stress of finals week seven times before and have likely discovered the strategies that result in the most success, so taking them one last time seems unnecessary. Not taking finals is a well-deserved reward for seniors,” senior Megan Johns said. 

The standards that students must meet in order to drop finals might seem challenging since some are based on attendance and current grades, but most students believe they can do it. 

“The most difficult stipulation to follow will be the attendance required by the new policy. Personally, I will have to miss four days for volleyball tournaments, meaning I cannot miss a single period for any other reason during the entire semester. I think attendance will be the biggest issue for some students trying to waive their finals,” Johns said. 

Often times,  final exams hurt students grades rather than help them increase. This gives seniors an opportunity to increase their grades throughout the semester. 

“At this point in high school, there’s really no reason to have finals. Students are already accepted into colleges or other post-graduate programs, and it adds an unneeded amount of stress on seniors who have already worked hard to get to the point where they are now. It will benefit all seniors-some more than others,” senior Sullivan Cisco said. 

Most seniors should be able to achieve these standards in order to earn this reward, although the last semester seems to be the toughest for many. 

“I think most students will be able to accomplish this and will, as we are all too familiar with how annoying finals can be seven semesters later,” Cisco said.

Not only are seniors viewing this opportunity as a long awaited reward but also administration. As long as students are punctual and respectful, they will have nothing to worry about come finals time.

First of all, it rewards seniors that are doing what they are supposed to be doing: coming to school, being on time, and making good grades. It rewards them because I think all seniors should have some reward,” Mr. Todd Garrison, principal, said. 

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