New season causes major transition

The shouts of the cheerleaders inspires the student section as the clock counts down the final quarter of the game.

But little does the student section know this cheer season has come with a pretty big change.

“This year, they combined both the varsity and junior varsity teams into one big team which was a huge surprise,” junior Dria Riddle said.

The team has set goals, hoping to improve the team’s bond and their overall skill set. They hope to do so by getting all of the girls on the same page.

“A goal we have as a team is to get more advanced stunts,” freshman Paige Spate said.

The atmosphere of cheering at a high school is nothing like a middle school game. Spate compares her experiences with both teams.

“It is more advanced than middle school which makes going to games and competitions worth it. The games have more people and more excitement,” Spate said.

But despite all of the season’s changes, being on the cheer team has not failed to help the girls make great memories together.

“My favorite part of this year would be all of the memories from the football season with the seniors,” Riddle said.

The girls have to have a level of trust to do the stunts that they do. For this reason, they are all very close.

“The biggest surprise for me was how close all of the girls on the team are,” Spate said.

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