Men’s volleyball starts up

Mens’ volleyball is a brand new sport this year with a lot of buzz.

“I think that I would be really good at volleyball. I kind of have a natural athletic ability. I think I could be in the middle back row and be a really hitter. All my friends have said they are going to do it so I decided that it could be fun,” sophomore Zach Leber said.

The performance of the team depends on practice attendance.

“I think our team could do very well if everyone shows up to practice, obviously not amazing because we are a brand new team. We have a lot of good players who can jump pretty high which means that they are able to spike it once they get used to it. We will need some more time to get decent though,” Leber said.

A men’s volleyball team interests many guys.

“I want to play because I’m very well proportioned for my body and I enjoy showing dominance on the court against other players. Also, volleyball is actually really fun now that I’ve actually started to play it. It’s fun to do something after school in the spring rather than go home. Plus, all my friends do a sport, and I feel bad,” sophomore Luciano Robbins said.

Volleyball is not always about the competition. Sometimes, it is about just having fun.

“I am hoping we can win at least one game. We are brand new to this sport, and to Greenwood this a brand new program for them. If we can’t win at least one game, it’s understandable because none of us have any experience. We just want to try it out. Mrs. Ratliff said I would be a captain due to the others not being able to recognize call outs. I just want to prove that Greenwood isn’t bad at everything. Also, I need to spike on Joy Maze by the end of the season,” Robbins said.

This is a learning first season.

“As expectations go, what we are doing now on Tuesdays and Thursdays is kind of just an open gym thing to kind of get guys to come out and see if we have enough people to actually make a team and build from there. For example, if we only have six guys that continually come, as far as playing other schools, I don’t know if it would be worth it. On the other hand, if we have 15 to 25 guys that consistently come, then we will probably go forward as a team,” Coach Mason Deal said.

This will be an intense building year for the men’s volleyball program.

“We are definitely in the progress of building. We are trying to build a program. We are setting the cement on the ground and lay the foundation down. With anything for the first year, you can’t expect to win many games. I started a team at Perry. We won one game, and for the most part, we were getting crushed by other teams because they have had a team for a longer time. Really, it will be a strong build year trying to find out what we have,” Coach Deal said.

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