Guidance office zen garden



With the stress and workload that school can bring, having a time and space to relax is important.

The office staff has recently created a Zen garden; a space meant for students to relax and calm themselves. It is located in the Guidance Office and is always open for students to take advantage of during the day when feeling overwhelmed.

“This was an idea that the guidance staff came up with to have a calming area, in case anyone needed a five minute break or moment to relax. I’d definitely encourage students to come if they feel like it would be helpful to them,” Mrs. Samantha Young, Student service advisor said.

There are many activities open for students to participate in, and anyone can find something that works for them.

“We have everything from our own paintings to adult coloring books. We also have paints and bounce balls for the kids to use. My favorite addition is the yoga mats, which can be used for meditation or yoga,” Mrs. Tonya Fenner, guidance counselor said.

The idea for the Zen garden came about last year. The process of getting approval and creating it took months, but the staff believes it was worth it.

“We had to get approval to get it done. We just got funding and started working on it last year. Once we were approved for the funding, it just kind of rolled from there. Some volunteer outside sources came in to help build the shelves and add paintings. All of the counselors got together and decided what we really need in here,” Mrs. Young said.

Despite the amount of work that has been done, the room is still a work in progress.

“I’d like to add quotes to the wall, and I’d also like to use suggestions from students. We’ve put the foundation down, and are hoping for the students to build on their needs. I’m looking forward to seeing it continue to develop,” Mrs. Young said.

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